About Us

The Company has been established since 1997 for the purpose of information technology and engineering business, including but not limited to system integration, technological and engineering projects, hardware and software supplies and installations for international corporate clients. Also BMF provides wide range of Data Center consulting Services include a IT infrastructure creation, automation, and optimization services that drive energy and capacity efficiency. In addition, BMF offers comprehensive support and maintenance for information, computing, telecommunications and engineering systems.

Company Overview

Our main line of business is the procurement and sourcing of complex bespoke hardware and software solutions for system integration. We develop and complete various technological and engineering projects. Our expertise allows us to implement large-scale and comprehensive projects tailored to a specific customer's requirements.

As an example, we have recently completed a project that included: UNINTERRUPTED AND GUARANTEED POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM

A self-contained power plant was built to provide continuous and high-quality power supply to business-critical consumers. The power plant consists of seven 1,670 kVA diesel rotary uninterrupted power supply (DRUPS) units. All units operate within a single system and provide 8,000 kW power to the connected load.

Key benefits:

  • No need to create additional infrastructure, including rechargeable batteries, static UPS, diesel generator sets, and cooling center
  • Unlimited autonomous operation of DRUPS system
  • Unattended automated switching eliminates human errors and enhances fault tolerance
  • Uninterrupted power supply even during scheduled/routine technical maintenance

Our advantages

Multi-brand philosophy. We are not tied to any single brand, so we have the freedom to recommend the best solutions for each situation.

Superior knowledge management. Our expertise grows with every job we do, and we make sure innovations and new knowledge are shared within the team. We call this process 'technology transfer'.

Our field staff are multi-skilled. They are trained to handle a wide variety of faults, so that problems are solved quickly and easily.

We never close. Our customer and support services operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Spares are quickly available. We carry service spares for every contract.

Quality assurance systems. We have reliable in-house quality systems and procedures to ensure our standards are consistently maintained.

Equipment supplies for:

  • data centers, storages, computing infrastructure
  • cloud infrastructure
  • 3D-solutions
  • telecommunication infrastructure, telepresence and videoconferencing
  • contact/call centers
  • automated building engineering systems including structured cabling system and engineering support systems for data centers
  • electric power industry